New worldview

Insight into the operation of the universal laws reveals in fact a complete new worldview. We can only be consciously aware of our own worldview though, when we are able to look at it from some distance. Only then we are able to see that what uses to be so common for us. Besides only then we will be able to see that othe rperspectives are possible too. The shift from the old well-known worldview to the new worldview based on 'that what works' and so based on the universal principles and the recent scientific understandings that seem to confirm this, can be summarized as follows:

From Old

to New

from fragmentation to wholeness
from alienation to relations
from conformism to auhenticity
from effort to joy
from discussion to dialogue
from things to processes
from coincidence to choices
from chaos to harmony
from head to heart
from fear to love
from we are victims of situations and limited in our capacities to we co-create our own reality and potentially we can do anything

The new worldview can also be described like this:
There exists a beutiful order in the universe. Everything appeares to be one coherent and dynamic whole. The universal princples describe this complex dynamic system of natural order in the universe as a whole in which everything is connected with everythind, in many different planes of reality shading into each other, and where everything permanently vibrates, moves and mutually influences each other. The picture of reality that emerges on a basis of these universal principles is not, however, that of a chaotic universe. On the contrary, they create a universe in which continuous dynamics perpetually generate a marvelous order out of chaos. If this system is not disturbed, everything time and again works toward balance and harmony, which is revealed as the true essence of the universe.
While everything in the universe emanates from one and the same Oneness or Source, where everything is interconnected. The universe is multidimensional, with many different planes or levels of reality. The physical reality is in fact just one of these planes or levels, the universe being much greater and more amazing than our familiar five senses and our ordinary consciousness would lead us to suppose. Everything that exist is energy and therefore evertything is movement. Duality is the nature of the universe and everything has a certain rhythm. Nothing stays and everything comes and goes. In this dynamic whole every effect has its cause and all visible effects have a non-visible cause.
Besides everything in the universe is composed of two active, dynamic aspects. These two active principles appear in many different forms, but the basic pattern of these two opposing aspects is that of expansion and contraction. They often are described as the male and female principle. The male principle - expansion - is directed outward and the female principe - contraction - is directed inward. The cooperation of this pair of dynamic forces, that exists in everything, causes that all energies in the whole universe tend permanently to restore a dynamic balance. Growth and development occur where there is a certain degree of imbalance in this dynamic equilibrium, inclining toward the inwardly directed uniting and integrating female aspect. A dynamic balance enabling optimal growth and development occurs when the degree to which the balance inclines toward the inwardly directed integrating ‘female’ aspect corresponds to the Golden Ratio. In other words, the Golden Ratio is the optimal ratio for growth.