'Let Goodness Take Its Place' by Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff, wisdom keeper, Aleut (Unangan), van St. Paul Island, one of the Pribilof Islands in the middle of the Bering Sea, Alaska (in English). The text is based on a speech to a meeting of Aleut Elders who had assembled to hear his important message (probably in 2005). I only found this message very recently and after I wrote my book 'Samenlevingen in Balans' ('Societies in Balance') (2014) and I see so many correspondencies, that - since my book is not translated in English -I place this link here.


Parts from 'A message recently given to the UN by native elders about what is needed now to save all life on Earth' written by Chief Phil Lane, Jr, Chairperson of the Four Worlds Internationai Institute to UN Secretary General, Javier Perez de Cuellar & the World Commission on Culture and Development, April 2016 (in English).
'De universele wetten kort 2016' (Pdf-bestand) door Marja de Vries, 2016 (in Dutch). Ten years after writing the manuscript for 'The Whole Elephant Revealed' (2007) is here a summary of the universal laws based on deepning of insights in these universal organizing principles.


'A Permaculture of the Heart', The Circle Way-approach as a basis to begin to develop a Permaculture of the Heart, by Manitonquat (Medicine Story), August 2015 (in English). An inspiring article about the importance of not only to focus our attention to restoring our relationships with plants and the Earth but also to focus our attention on a permaculture of human relationships, so creating healthy relationships between eachother as human beings.


'The Whole Elephant Revealed' (Pdf) by Marja de Vries (in English) published in the magazine Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Issue 34, Summer 2013. Also to read online
' How can we know if 'different' really will be an improvement and not in hindsight only a next variation of the same old thing?
(Pdf-download) by Marja de Vries (in Dutch) – published in the book 'Touching the Community Soul: looking differently, being differently, doing differently', (2013) edited by Caroline Dekker & Jasper Roos, about the program of the same name of the Nyenrode Business University organised by Erik Mandersloot.


'Walking in the mist' (Pdf-download) interview with Marja de Vries by Vera Mulder (in Dutch), published in Teth, Magazine of the Dutch professional group of Hypnotherapists, sept. 2012.
'Axis Mundi Blog: The Whole Elephant Revealed'
by Marja de Vries (in English), published July 2012, at the website of the English publisher Axis Mundi Books to accompany a 'book-give-away' of The Whole Elephant Revealed with (from July 14 til 20, 2012).
'Inspiration from Russia'
by Marlies Ludding (in Dutch) at the website Living Values in Education. Marlies Ludding visited during a week the State lyceum for Personality- and Characterdevelopment for the Youth, led by Professor Sjetinin at Tekos in Russia.
'What is happening in the world? On our way to flourishing'
by Marja de Vries (in Dutch) written on invitation of the magazine Ode for the May 2012 issue of Ode. After I had written it though they told me that they decided not to publish it...


'Learning and education on the path towards flourishing' (Pdf-download) by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), published in the magazine EducarePlus, September 2011/4, p. 28-34.
'Inspiration for children and the 7 universel laws', (Pdf-download) interview with Anita Brouwers by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), published in the magazine EducarePlus, September 2011/4, p. 35-38.
'Discover the rules of life - Living in Harmony with the universel laws' (Pdf-download), an interview with Marja de Vries by Lien van Laere (in Dutch), published in the magazine ChangeThink+, Volume 2, No. 1, March-May 2011, p. 86-90.


'Worldview Transformation and the Development of Social Consciousness' by Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Cassandra Vieten & Elisabeth M. Miller (in English), published in Journal of Consciousness Studies 17, no. 7-8 (2010), p. 18-36.
'The Whole Elephant Revealed' (Pdf-download), a
review by theologist and journalist Rinus van Warven (in Dutch), published in KUZ, Ken Uzelve, algemeen maçonniek tijdschrift, Volume 64, no. 8, September 2010.
'Books, The Whole Elephant Revealed' (Pdf-download), a review and summary of the seven universal laws by sociologist and hypnotherapist Drs. Vera Mulder (in Dutch), published in TETH, tijdschrift voor educatieve en therapeutische hypnose, Volume 26 no. 3, September 2010.
'The building blocks of the universe' (Pdf-download)by Len Zoetemeijer (in Dutch), June 2010, a reworked version of a earlier presented presentation (the earlier version is published on


'How do you write a book like "The Whole Elephant Revealed"? (Pdf-download)by Marja de Vries (in Dutch) in In Balans, ECOtherapy newsletter, Okt. 2009, 3e jr.-nr. 6, p.1-2.
'Societies in Balance & Education in Balance' by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), juni 2009.
'Looking beyond the edges of your own reality', by Oswin Schneeweisz (in Dutch). Willy Sandelowsky-van Maarseveen (Breukelen, 1950) is working as a physician in Eemnes/Laren and Blaricum. Her favorite book: The Whole Elephant Revealed by Marja de Vries; in magazine Arts&Auto, June 24, 2009.
'Women and Holistic Education' by Ivana Milojevic (in English), sociologist at the university of Novi Sad; published in New Renaissance magazine, Vol.6, No.3, March 2009.


'Coaching students: authentic and unconditionally' (Pdf-download)by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), Educare, 2008/5, p.6-9.
‘Learning in touch with our feeling: valuable understandings about learning and playing based on 6 years Iederwijs
(Pdf-download) by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), published in Educare, 2008/4, p.6-9.
‘New points of departure for learning and education: Learning in line with universal laws
(Pdf-download) by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), published in Educare, 2008/3, p. 6-9.
'A transformation of the whole system
' (Pdf-download)by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), Jan. 2008. This article is published as 'A new worldview based on universal laws' (Pdf-download) by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), published in Frontier Magazine, No. 14.3, May/June 2008, p. 42-46.
'Learning starts in the womb, parenting starts during pregnancy', (Pdf-download) by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), published in Educare, 2008/2, p. 6-9.
'The Yin Yang School: a school for body and spirit
', (Pdf-download) by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), published in Educare, 2008/1, p. 6-9. (based on the english article 'A Guide for Raising Your Child' by Mary Bell Nyman (In English))


'All is conneted with everything else', interview with Marja de Vries by Karin Bosveld (in Dutch), Simplify Life, dec. 2007.
'Children learn always, they can't do it differently
', (Pdf-download) by Marja de Vries (in Dutch),
published in Educare, 2007/4, p. 6-9.
'Creating an optimal situation for grow- and learning' (Pdf-download) by Marja de Vries (in Dutch),published in Educare, 2007/3, p. 6-9.
'The story behind the book The Whole Elephant, by Marja de Vries
(in English)
'Acting in correspondence with the universal laws', by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), Great-Plave-to-Live, 2007-2
'Ecstasy and Passion: learning with joy' (Pdf-download) by Marja de Vries (in Dutch), published in Educare, 2007/2, pag. 6-9


'A different vision for learning: Schools will radically change' (Pdf-download) by Stephanie Pace Marshall, translated and adapted by Marja de Vries(in Dutch), published in Educare, 2006/4. pag. 6-9.
'The Power of Culture: An Exploration of Collective Transformation' door Georgia Kelly (in English) (2006).


'From Domination to Partnership: Meeting the UN Millenium goals' by Riane Eisler en Thais Corral published in Convergence, Volume XXXVIII, Number 3, 2005, p 75-94.
'We are all Savants'
by Diane Powell (in English), about two ways of information processing: the slow, linear 'classical-' and the very vast, parallel 'quantum-information processing'; in Shift, IONS, No. 9, dec. 2005.

'A Decidedly Different Mind' by Stephanie Pace Marshall (in English), about new scientific understandings that change radically our vision about lerning and intelligence; in Shift, IONS, No. 8, sept. 2005.
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'Soul-Based-Learning & Universal Laws', 2004, by Marja de Vries (in English), written for the webbook The Hidden Power of Love in Learning, edited by Charlotte Korbee; alsoin Anthology 2004 "Path to Peace - Soul in Education", Global Meeting in Budapest 21st-24th october, 2004, published by SEAL-Hungary Foundation and the Institute for European Connections, oct. 2004, Budapest, Hungary; p. 61-72.

2003 and before

'A Guide for Raising Your Child' by Mary Bell Nyman (in English), about her experiences at the Yin Yang school in Californië in the 80s; in "Messages from Thomas - Raising Psychic Children" by James Twyman © 2003; published by Findhorn Press, Scotland; p. 122 - 136, placed on this website with permission from the publisher.
'Open Systems, Open Minds, Reflections on consciousness and education' by Bob Samples, article published in Transforming Education (IC#18), the Context Institute, 1997.
'Natural Being and a Coherent Society', door Mae Wan Ho (in English), to appear in Evolution, Order and Complexity (E.L. Khalil and K.E. Boulding eds.), London: Routledge, 1996.